Today’s Entrepreneur is Yesterday’s Superstar Employee

Think about this headline for a little bit and then ask yourself this simple question: How did I get the confidence to start my own entrepreneurship? Understanding, of course, that your entrepreneurship is an extension of yourself, it’s reasonable to conclude that you have already proven to yourself that the skills, knowledge and experience needed to operate a business are all a part of your make-up, but had been honed during a former employment position.

You may have used this talent to catapult your employer’s company to super success status; but could not claim any more of the company’s success than what your position commanded, which was somewhat short of the value you added. Now that you are an entrepreneur with your own business that needs to be catapulted to success status, you’re betting on this same talent to take your business over the top; and that is certainly understandable.

However, you need a plan for your business and it cannot be the same plan used by your former employer; although the time and energy you put into it will undoubtedly be the same, if not more. Yes, you need a new plan for your new business. A plan that is just as good as or better than the one under which you became a superstar while carrying out the duties for your former employer. A plan to grow. A success plan.

Your strategy must be a proven one that has worked for small businesses as well as some of the larger companies; and it must be a strategy that is flexible enough to allow for the kind of adjustments that will become necessary as your business begin to grow and take on additional responsibilities, new staff and renewed objectives. Of this new staff, perhaps the most important part, is the sales staff whose function it is to promote and market your product/service, but also a positive image of your company.

Understand that no matter how small your company is, you can hire a sales force that can catapult company growth like you never imagined. Therefore your plan must supportive of astronomical growth and the strategy employed to execute such a plan must be instructive as well as thorough; taking into account that while you have a natural ability to build your own business, the help you will need to achieve massive success must also have “natural” ability or be capable of being taught to perform at the highest levels of achievement.

In other words, the kind of help you’re going to need is individuals who are considered to fit the profile of top producers in your type of business and you – based on your strategy – must be able to identify this type of individual based on a psychological profile, or the person’s past achievements. This type of person might be someone you can put in a bad situation with poor tools, no training, bad resources and still, within a few months, begin to out-perform any other individual within the same setting.

Since it will be your responsibility to select the kind of superstars you want for your company – as you had been when you were employed – you may be interested to know, if you don’t already, the two things that drive the superstar. They are both critical traits and they work perfectly together when you can find them. The first is empathy and the second is self esteem.

Empathy is described as the need to bond with others; to find something likable about every person. It is a wonderful trait to find in a salesperson and allows that individual to just keep going at the client every which way, trying to find more and more ways to serve that client, to please that client. Empathy is a key trait and part of your interview process – part of your overall strategy – must be specifically designed to find their empathy.

Self Esteem is described as a strong sense of self; and you have to recognize that great sales results come from people with very high self-esteem. Only a person with an extra dose of self-esteem persists with a client time after time even after the client has said no. People with weak self esteem will walk away after only a single rejection, because they fear rejection and therefore never actually close a sale.

Studies show that 48% of salespeople give up after only one rejection. Only 4% will try more than 4 times. Yet it takes 8.4 rejections to get a meeting, and even with eMail Marketing it takes 7 emails to a subscriber before the marketer makes a sale. What makes the difference between someone who will face that rejection one time and quit or 40 times and never quit, is purely personal self esteem.

Another aspect of a strong self esteem is personal ambition. Don’t you love it when you hire someone who innovates, expands upon and improves every single task you assign to them? You were that person with your previous employer, so it stands to reason that you will have a pretty good understanding of this type of individual, and as such will be profoundly empathetic to his/her desire to join your company’s sales staff.

Another characteristic of self esteem can be described as the need to please, which can make some people of this ilk seem overly eager-to-please in a job interview; but you shouldn’t let a little bravado put you off; it is the quintessential trait in every superstar. In an interview, the person is the product, so they must present themselves with confidence to assure you that s/he is the one you’re looking for. Such aggressive behavior will scare some employers, but it is exactly what you need in a salesperson, and something you know only too well.

How Web Entrepreneurs Make Money

There are three basic ways of earning money which include trading time for money, trading money for money and trading expertise and/or value for money.

Society and the formal education system promote the first method of earning money which involves trading time for money. In other words, you work for someone else for a specific amount of time and then they pay you. Working for someone else drains your energy and you don’t make much money.

The second way to earn money is utilized by a small portion of the population and involves trading money for money. In other words, you are earning money through investing. Investing can be risky because if you lack know-how and reserve funds then it’s probably not wise to invest money in the first place. Therefore, many people can’t even try this option because they only have enough money to pay their bills.

The third way to earn money is the best option. This is the entrepreneurial option which involves trading expertise/value for money. This is the strategy utilized by entrepreneurial experts. You have a flexible schedule, work less, and earn more once you invest enough time upfront to set up your entrepreneurship. You can make thousands of dollars a day with this option.

In order to earn money through trading expertise/value for money you need to first figure out who you are as an entrepreneur and what you can give to others. What information do you have that could help others? You can find value from previous work experience or even from your hobbies. From this you can create your intellectual property.

What is Intellectual property? How big is the market for Intellectual property? Is there room for you in the Intellectual property market? These may be a few of the questions you may have when you are researching the information marketing business. First of all, anyone can create intellectual property. You don’t need to be a philosopher, doctor or lawyer. Heck you don’t even need to be a college graduate. You just need to have an area or expertise, or access to an expert, and a drive to succeed.

Intellectual property combines eCommerce and book publishing. For example, you can write and sell an eBook on the Web via your own website or through an affiliate program that you set up. Recent research has found that approximately 6 out of every 10 American adults surf the Web on a daily basis seeking out entertainment and education, as well as to shop for products.

Plus a lot has changed from the early days of the Internet. One such change is the confidence with which people use the Web. They are more comfortable buying online today than in the past. The market accessed through the Web is global and encompasses millions of people, so you can be comfortable in knowing that the information marketing business has room for everyone!

When you market on the Web, you market to your niche. Therefore, you don’t have to worry whether or not your neighbor will want to buy your product. The Web opens many niche markets for you.

If creating and selling intellectual property on the Internet is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing this? The simple answer is that formal educational systems and previous societal beliefs are at fault. In our youth, we are taught to finish school and then “find a good job” which translates to become an employee at a company. The entrepreneurial spirit is not promoted; in fact it is almost shunned.

Don’t let societal beliefs stop you from pursuing your goals. The intellectual property market is wide, diverse, and ready to fill your bank account, if you are ready to meet the challenge of entrepreneurship, work hard and pursue your goals diligently.